This episode is focused on self-care but, not in the ways you might think. As you know, I believe in improving all aspects of health using exercise, nutrition, and supplementation as a way to gain strength, flexibility, cognitive function, focus and more!

  Part of improving health includes self-care in a way that allows you to keep exercising, eating well, staying mentally sharp and well-rested. To learn more about the many ways that you can practice self-care, check the episode notes for my “5 Simple ways to practice Self-care” (see below) and watch for an upcoming episode dedicated to this teaching.

  Today, however, self-care takes on a whole new meaning when you find yourself in the middle of a tragedy or unexpected life event. Will your self-care practice prepare you to work through the sudden change in your life’s journey? Or will you be forced to find new practices in self-care as you navigate through the unknown? My guest today shines new light on her experience and her expertise in supporting you and your loved ones through her business, “Touching Hearts at Home” – Breanne Stromley has a unique and inspiring life story. She shares what brought her to her business and her newfound life purpose in life. I think you’re going to love this episode – on to the show!

“5 Simple ways to practice Self-care”

1. Sleep – not just any sleep but, options to get more rest than you are now.

  • Sleep 7-9 hours each night
  • Opt for the 15-25 minute power nap (optimized at a maximum of 25 minutes to avoid grogginess upon waking)
  • Dim or eliminate the lights (both from your screen and any lamps or bulbs

2. Create a meditation or mindfulness plan for each day

  • Breathing 3-5 minutes with a focused count or emphasis on expansion and releasing.
  • Spend a few minutes each day goal-setting and creating plans for a successful day.

3. Carve out time that is non-negotiable for a time that you need each week to do what you want.

  • Massage
  • Exercise
  • Time with friends
  • See a movie by yourself
  • Whatever you need

4. Have the tough conversations with family about what their needs are when they (or YOU) are too old to make decisions or care for themselves. 

5. Get outside each day 

  • Fresh air and vitamin D absorption is reason enough to “indulge”
  • Get out and walk, rest, breathe and just take in what we really don’t get enough of.


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