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Enjoy the holidays and still keep your health and fitness in check – no crazy diets or gimmicks needed. These 7 strategies might surprise you!

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Show Notes

Today’s episode is timely in that we all need to take pause and focus a little bit more on taking care of ourselves in the busy holiday season. I have been reminded from recent personal experience that if we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t effectively take care of others. As a little inspiration, I’ve created this episode titled, “7 strategies for a healthy and sane holiday – thank you for listening!

1. Give more, Get more. Meaning, this time of year when we are so focused on buying more stuff for our family and friends, we often end up finding more stuff for ourselves. Shift your thinking and look for ways to give to organizations and strangers that are above and beyond what you normally do. Food shelves are busy this time of year but, what about the months where we are less focused on ‘gratitude and giving’? Consider giving monthly. Consider finding ways to give a little bit more – from the collection basket at church, to tipping your favorite waiter/waitress and anything else you can think of!

2. Practice Self-Care. Create non-negotiable items, time or needs for yourself that are part of self-care. There’s no excuse NOT to find time for yourself. Whether it’s as simple as washing your face every night, drinking more water, do a weekly mask, get a monthly massage, exercise daily – every little bit counts!

3. Create Traditions that Matter. Avoid looking at what other people are doing – avoid comparisons of “their lives” vs your own. Focus inward and creating small moments that matter. For our family, that is a large puzzle that we work on from Thanksgiving Day through their Christmas vacation. Your traditions don’t have to be expensive, they just need to be focused time for those that matter in your life.

4. Elevate your Cocktail. Look at drinking something that will boost hydration and nutrition BEFORE you head to the holiday party and have an alcoholic or sugary cocktail. Make your cocktail a healthy version that is focused on elevated wellness FIRST:

Here is my favorite Elevated Cocktail recipe:

Organifi Green juice: Balance your

Vitamin C powder: Boost immunity in the cold/flu season and beyond

Electrolyte Tablets: Stay hydrated and maintain healthy skin and a youthful appearance.


5. Read on the Real – did you know that the blue light from your device (screens, ipads, tv, etc) send blue light into your eyes which makes your body (and hormones) think it’s still daytime! This is great if you need to stay awake and need a little boost in energy (thank you sunlight which is naturally occurring blue light) but, not so good when you need to sleep, balance hormones and maintain a healthy weight! These are my favs: chic and lightweight ladyboss glasses!

6. Ask for Help. I am prone to just doing everything myself, becoming exhausted and eventually mad at everyone in my house for not helping me. But the reality is, I need to actually tell them what I need. Is this you too? We drive ourselves into the ground and then wonder why we are exhausted and everyone else is chilling watching tv? It’s crazy to even type that because it’s so obvious that I can do better!

7. Simplify. Decor, food, gifts – everything that we do in excess is unnecessarily causing us more stress. No one else really cares what you have setup and if you did your spruce tops Susie! Haa! And I for one, am not trying to “keep up with the Jones'”. If you love it, go for it! But, if decor, gift giving, spending money and everything that goes along with holiday celebrations stresses you out, do less! Show your love and gratitude for people with a little something that is both safe, healthy, inexpensive and meaningful. I am a huge advocate for safe beauty and personal care products. I have given little lip glosses, hand lotions or soaps with a note letting people know how much I care about them and their health. Check out Beautycounter products for a safe alternative to personal care products that matter: Beautycounter

Do a little yoga, make time for exercise – but, don’t stress it if you can’t do 60 minutes! Part of simplifying is taking the pressure and stress off of yourself.


“The more you are thankful, the more you attract things to be thankful for”

What if what you were thankful for yesterday, was ALL that you had today? Hmmm – love this as a reminder for gratitude and remembering what is most important in our lives. Cheers friends!

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