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“I am an optimist and I believe the results you seek are possible if you fuel your body, get your mind right, and commit to doing the work. It doesn’t have to be boring, long, or painful, but it has to be consistent. I am here to help you… every step of the way.”

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The results are in the journey.

This is mine.

First introduction to sports and movement. My parents supported my trying new things and I did. Everything from karate, competitive swimming, ballet, jazz, tap dancing, tae kwon do, softball, soccer, tennis, gymnastics, competitive basketball, track, and water sports. Oh, my!

First group fitness class experience in 9th grade at a local YMCA. The instructor calling me out for great form. I was jazzed to be in the front of the room and moving with the instructor. It felt like home.

I grew 4 inches this year and as a gymnast I really struggled to move my body the way I once did. I struggled for a few years leading through college to get a handle on self-image and confidence.

Started coaching a competitive gymnastics and tumbling show team from Fargo, ND. I discovered that I had a real knack and passion for teaching young athletes especially girls who I could recognize my younger self in, physiology, movement and dance.

I chose exercise science as an undergraduate major. My mentor at the time said, “If you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life.” This stands true for me today.

Earned a Masters Degree in Human Performance and had my thesis published. Enjoyed mentoring and coaching young athletes in the strength and conditioning department at UW-LaCrosse.

My first “real” job as a Health Education Director for a holistic wellness center. Which at the time, was still considered very new and not accepted by most. There I gained an enormous amount of empathy toward weight gain, autoimmune disease, and active older adults.

I had my first child and became super aware of my body and having to lose weight for the first time ever.

Started with Life Time Fitness and delved into a whole new world as far as intensity, leadership, and development. Began working with athletes, high intensity people, younger people, older and more capable people which is my sweet spot still today.

Two big endeavors and wins for me having competed in my first triathlon and first olympic triathlon. I was busy staying fit, being a mom, and building upon my early career. 

Became a Lifetime Fitness educator after being named a Peak Pilates Master Trainer. Over the next 7 years, I traveled all over the US, presenting at fitness conferences while continuing to learn and grow.

Got my feet wet supporting other nationally recognized brands such as Snap Fitness, Peak Pilates, Wellbeats, ACE, and SPRI.

Took second place at my first out of state triathlon in Malibu, CA.

Started my own business under the business name Sussner Performance Coaching.

Rebranded to Jodi Sussner, Inc. and in the process of making history.

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